Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sally Hansen - Gray by Gray

Hey all!

It's been, what?  Twenty-two, twenty-three days?  Sheesh.  I wonder if they make sheepish emoticons?  I'll have to check sometime. :)

Unless there was serious drama brewing, I was never very good at keeping a well-updated personal blog.  I had hoped that having a blog that others could read would motivate me to write more, but that's not always the case.  Clearly. ;)  If only my endless polish-related buying and hoarding would screech to a snail's pace along with my blogging!

I wore Sally Hansen's Gray by Gray a little while back.  I have a few of the Complete Manicure polishes, but this is the first one that I've worn for an actual manicure.  (Outside of Hidden Treasure, of course.  Everyone knows that you slap a coat of Hidden Treasure on almost everything!  Psssh!!!)

Oh yes, I love me a heavily blue-based gray. <3  Is there any better color to mix into your gray?  I don't think so!

This was two snappy coats (plus base and top coat [Out the Door]).  Not being a huge fan of OPI's wide brush (gasp! shock! horror~!), I thought that I would hate this one.  It's almost the complete opposite, though.  The consistency of my polish was great, and the applying it with that brush meant that I could practically do it in my sleep.  I also love how bottom heavy these bottles are.  I'm often a Clumsy McDropsalot, and painting my nails rarely escapes my blunders.  It was relieving to have a heavy, sturdy bottle and a very manageable applicator. :)
And there you have it: Gray by Gray.  Love!

Here's hoping, once again, that I can beat out this laziness and keep writing!  Thank you for reading!


  1. this one is really cool shade. I'm also a lazy blogger, don't feel bad about it ;)

  2. I love the bottle shape too, although I did not like the brush, but the color made up for it. The color is gorgeous! :)

  3. A real beauty, looks so pretty on you!

  4. Hermetic - Man, being lazy is the best. Sure, there's the guilt, but there's also the whole great being lazy aspect. ;)

    Jackie - The bottle is the best. <3 I'm so prone to tipping my polish that the bottle heft and shape really get a sigh of relief from me. :)

    Arie, Biba, and Caris - Thank ya! :D