Saturday, March 19, 2011

New formula for Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl...?


I was poking around the polishes at a Midwest superstore called Meijer and happened to pick up a bottle of Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl.  I know that some bloggers have a lot of love for it, but I've always been on the fence.  However, what I saw yesterday completely changed my perspective.

 Please click the picture to get a better view of this gorgeous new shimmer!!

This picture is more subtle, but click away to see the neat duochrome of the microshimmer in the bottle.  Blue, red, gold!  That doesn't show on the nail, but my pictures don't even get close to capturing the beautiful colors coming from this bottle.

The formula that I found is on the left.  The original formula is on the right.

If you've seen Daddy's Girl swatched before, you know the drill.  It's a purple jelly polish, and near impossible to capture.  It comes through very blue in my picture, unfortunately.  In reality, it's a true purple jelly, with stunning red shimmer running through it.  I'm finding that the red-violet color really compliments my skin tone!

And here's the standard bottle shot.  This is a good one to click to see the red shimmer!  This is three easy coats.

I really hope that this is a completely new formula, but I can't be sure.  It could just be an odd batch.  It seems like their new polishes all have a raised "SC" on the cap, but this bottle doesn't have that.  I adore this red shimmer version.  It reminds me of Nfu-Oh 51 without the flakes. <3

So has anyone else seen this version floating around?

Thanks for reading!


  1. i find blurples very hard to photograph too! interesting that the formula seems different, its still a pretty polish whatever though i find!!
    hugs from a new follower!

    Emily @emilysnailfiles xxxxxxx

  2. I love blurples too, Emily! And big thank you for following my blog! :)

  3. I will be heading over to Meijer tomorrow to check these out! From one Indy girl to another..I love your blog!

  4. i just saw your post of the new sinfuls on nouveau cheap! i couldnt find your email..but i am a huge sinful lover.. own pretty much all of them! i would love to do a swap with you if possible so i can get my hands on these.. !:) let me know if you are interested.. im in the states:)
    thanks so much:)

  5. I have always loved Daddy's Girl....not the best, but for $1.99 I can't complain!

  6. It's nice to see your post again :)

  7. omg i love this so aoirhgaerohlreqj prjalkdg ")

  8. I wish there was Meijer in Iowa! Jealous!

  9. im confused, when is this new version of daddys girl supposed to have come out? ive had the pinkish purple one for years. i DID one day buy a bottle of sinful that, once i brought it home and compared, turned out to be a bluer version of daddys girl, and its called i love you. im wondering if they are getting mixed up because they are so similar? they really are near dupes for eachother, i wonder why sinful bothered making both colors....