Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Borghese "Almondine"

While I was cleaning out my pictures before The Big Laptop Wipe of '10, I found a loooot of old polish pictures I'd taken.  I deleted a good number of them, but I salvaged a few of them.  I won't promise that they're excellent pictures or that I did a great job with the paint, but some of them are colors that I've passed on or ones that I don't plan on wearing again.

This is one of those colors.

There was a big hubbub about Almondine when it came out.  It was one that I'd quickly passed over when I bought others from the collection, but after so much fuss from other polish bloggers, I picked up a bottle.

I think that this was probably two coats with some sort of top coat.  I don't usually mind the weird Borghese brush, but I had difficulties with the formula.  It was such a thick cream that even brand new, it just wanted to goop.

I can see the dark flecks and super slight shimmer, and I do think that the subtle details make it neat.  Neutrals and I rarely get along, though, especially neutrals that aren't at all complimentary to my skin tone.

The lighting on this one looks nicer, but I never really felt like it looked this good while I was wearing it.  I think that it only stayed on my nails for the afternoon before I decided that I wanted something more exciting.

Sorry, Almondine.  It's not you, it's me.  Just kidding, it's definitely you.  Subtle prettiness aside, the formula (at least in my bottle) was really difficult.  And if I'm going to deal with a difficult color, I much prefer that it's a color I can't live without.

Maybe I'm just judging everyone's favorite Almondine too harshly.  What do you think?  If you've reviewed this polish in your own blog, drop me a link!  I'd love to see it on someone else!

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