Sunday, September 26, 2010

Island Girl - Hana Coast and Aloha Paradise

Sweet baby Moses!

I love Fall.  I do.  But I'm also SO digging these colors right now, even though they're a pretty flashy "up yours!" to the coming season.

Check these babies out!

This is two coats of Hana Coast.  I have little nublets, so the small amount of visible nail line doesn't bother me.  You ladies with longer nails might want to slap on a third coat for better coverage. 

What I loved most about this polish was the fact that it applied thin but covering coats.  When I touch my nails, they don't feel thick.  That makes sense, doesn't it?  The paint is sleek and smooth, and lies flesh to my nails.  I enjoy that because it means there's little opportunity for me to chip it and then have water seep in underneath to ruin the rest of the manicure.

I still don't think that my pictures in the sun did this polish perfect justice.  Is it a screaming bright red?  Electric tomato?  In your face orange?  It seems to pick up different color tones under different lightings, so I'm not sure.  What I do know, though, is that I really like this kick-your-teeth-in shade, and I can't wait to rock it a lot next Summer! :D

I also tried out the new Rush topcoat that I bought from the blog sale over at Polish Insomniac.  Thanks, Jessika!  I'm really liking it so far!  The brush was thin and manageable, and the top coat itself is thin and shiny.  The best part I've found is that it doesn't shrink up and pull away from the edges of my nails the way that Seche Vite always does! :)  So Kudos to you, Rush topcoat!

WARNING!  Toes ahead!  Most of my feet are covered, but if you don't dig toes, head on to your next blog, my friend. :)

I don't mind feet at all, but I can understand and try to sympathize with people that do.  I'm not offended at all if you don't want to look, haha!

I love-love-love Aloha Paradise!! It's bright teal, and right up my alley!  This was two coats, but more for consistency than out of actual need.  Had I been in a hurry, one coat would have been fine.  Both Aloha Paradise and Hana Coast are at least partially neon.  They both dried quickly to a satin finish.  Seche Vite does work well to seal in my pedicures, so I used that on my toes.

Here's a quick bottle pic, to save you from looking at the toes again.

Isn't it gorgeous? :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the wear time that I'll have with these, but bottom line, these colors are amazing.  Another huge thank you to Jill for bringing these back for me from Hawaii.  You're the sweetest boyfriend's-little-sister ever, and you have great taste in colors. :D

So what did you guys think if Hana Coast and Aloha Paradise?  Has anyone ever brought you polish back from a vacation?  Tell me about it!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. i love the colors! I am going to Hawaii in 6 days!!!! I have the lip gloss an I love it!!!!!