Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nervous about the intro post? Just nail it!  Cheesy, right?

But it's the truth!  While I could confidently introduce myself to a crowd full of people, greeting people that I have yet to even really get to know is tough!  I've been thinking of this important introduction post for the last two days, trying to work out what I want to say.

My name is Erin, and I live in Indiana (USA).  I'm twenty-four years old.  After changing my major a few times over the course of college, I graduated in 2008 with degrees in hospitality and dietetics.  My main focus in the hospitality program was baking and pastry art, but I took many culinary classes as well.  Almost enough to finish a third degree!  Dietetics interested me a great deal because there are so many people out there with allergies and diet restrictions that require a much more rigorous nutritional plan.  I find that so fascinating, and would consider it a beloved challenge every day to have a job where I could expand my culinary talents and really feel like I'm making a difference in the lives of people.

Currently, I bake bread for a local restaurant.  It's hardly my dream job, but I (usually) enjoy it. :)

So why nail polish?  Why start a blog about it?

I work a lot, and with a uniform and (albeit loose) dress code, there's not much room to express myself in the way I look.  When I'm stuck wearing drab clothing, it makes me happy to be able to look down at my painted nails.  Not to mention that it's a good conversation starter with customers that notice!

So I want to write about it.  I've been following a good number of polish bloggers for a while now.  I love being able to see what a color I've been wanting will look like on the nail before I buy it.  Even moreso, though, I adore that the kind ladies in this community openly welcome others into their lives.  In caring so much about what they do and the people that surround them, the community that these women form is made beautiful.  Reading these ladies' dutiful posts makes me happy, and I would love to contribute!

Some quick fun facts about me!
~ I love dinosaurs!  Dinosaurs and fossils have been a big deal to me since I was a little girl. :)  In fact, this blog narrowly escaped being called "Sparklesaurus Rex."
~ Almost all candy hurts my teeth.  (Cavities, maybe?)  That doesn't matter, though!  I love it anyway!
~ I'm such a big kid!  Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever grow up.
~ My favorite polishes tend to be bright pinks, corals, various greens, and sometimes purples.  I'm also very fond of gray, though loving color as much as I do, I can't figure that one out. ;)  My least favorite polish color is yellow/gold.

If you've made it this far, thank you!  I'm still nervous, but I'm really looking forward to starting this journey with you!