Saturday, December 11, 2010

Color Club - Wild at Heart

Today isn't a very good day for me.  I knew it was coming, but how do you really prepare for it?

My boyfriend is originally from Ohio.  A couple months ago, he moved to the city where I live. :)  His hometown is about two hours away.  Not far, really.  One of old college friends decided to take a trip out to Brad's hometown to see a bunch of his friends there, so of course Brad wanted to see him.  I wanted Brad to go see his friends, too.  I'm not a ridiculous mouthbreathing clingfest, after all.  I do love him entirely, though.  These will be the first days in almost three months that we will be apart.  Since he's moved here, we've been together every single day.  I hope that he (and everyone else) can forgive me for being a little downtrodden and sad for these next few days.  It's harder than I expected.

I didn't much feel like doing my nails earlier.  I put a bunch of glittery topcoats over my current manicure (Misa Dirty Sexy Money), but that only served to make me more indecisive as to which I liked best.  Huff.  So I picked pictures from a manicure I did last weekend.

I wore this as a manicure over the weekend hoping to catch some sun at some point, but that never happened.  Darned Indiana winter!  I took these pictures hoping that I wouldn't have to settle with them, but eh.  What can you do? lol

This was two super easy coats.  As holographic polishes can sometimes leave bald spots when you layer on additional coats, I made sure that the first coat was completely dry before swooping in for a second.  And lucky me, being a holo polish, it didn't take long to dry at all. :)

I'm reeeeeaaaallllyyyy looking forward to wearing Wild at Heart when the weather warms up and the sun comes back out again.  It's still a beautiful color, but it seems a shame that the gray skies didn't give me a ray of sun to let this polish's true beauty shine through.  I still got a few compliments on it!

Soooo...  Back to doing, um...  Nothing, really.  I need to actually do my nails this time (not just glitterbomb them), so maybe I'll turn on some Buffy and then call it an early night.

Thanks for reading, even if it's all downer.  Please enter my giveaway!


  1. That sucks your boyfriend is out of town :( Hope he gets back soon! Love this color! Wild at Heart looks awesome!

  2. Aw, I hope you cheer up! <3

    Love Wild at Heart.. I just got Worth the Risque myself, but I'm waiting until we get some sun to try it out.

  3. Being apart will make getting back together so much sweeter. :D
    I love that purple!!! Wow!

  4. Hoe are you doing now? Feeling better? I hope so :)
    This polish is just awesome!

  5. Ooh I love this! I will have to get this color - I think it would look really cute on my toenails this summer :) Damn - winter just started and here I am thinking about Spring already - makes for a long season. Hope that your bf gets home safely and that you don't have too bad of a time while he's gone :)

  6. Very pretty! I'm waiting for this one in the mail, seeing it on you is making me impatient!

  7. I completely understand the lack of sun problem. Seems if it shines at all around here in winter, it's when I'm at work. My office is pretty casual, but I don't know that me running outside to take nail photos during the middle of the day is quite the thing to do. :)