Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Do you love my insides? The parts you can't see?"

I hope that I don't lose any readers for this, but I'm a shameless Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.  I'm watching through the series *cough* again *cough*, and loving it.  The first season is a wee bit rough.  Most first seasons are, but this series in particular, in my opinion, considering that it's set in the late nineties (gah, wtf fashion?!) and, y'know, the whole vampire and monster slayage. :)

I made it through season one and have zipped on into season two.  Significantly less awkward!  And probably one of my personal favorite seasons.  Some of my favorite characters are in season two. :)  Spike is featured from the second season on, but he's my favorite in the beginning.  Who doesn't love a bad boy?  Also, the second season features Angelus' first appearance, which is absolutely sublime.  (I'm not a big fan of Angel, but when he loses touch with his soul and turns into Angelus?  The unleashed character is significantly better, in my opinion!)

But really, who doesn't enjoy Drusilla?  Dark, disconnected, delightfully mad?  I couldn't help but try out a Drusilla-inspired manicure.

This was also my first go at a scotch tape manicure. :)  It was okay for a first try.  I didn't realize how rounded my middle, pointer, and thumb nails are, though!  Haha!

 These were the two fingers that I felt came out really good.  If all of my fingers would have looked this nice, I would have worn this manicure even longer!

This is what I used for my Drusilla mani.  One coat of Ulta's Lunar Eclipse with one coat of the Rimmel French Tip White on the tips.  This is a great full coverage white, by the way!  And the little bitty brush in the bottle is fantastic!

This is the shot that pushed me over the edge!  Great nails, Dru!  Spike could use a fresh coat, though. ;)  (Frame taken from What's my Line? Part One)

Fun fact!  Did you know that her nail color changes according to her health?  Black is used in her manicure if she's weakened, and red is used when she's her full on evil self. :)

Aaaaand just a couple more pictures, because I feel like it.

Lovely.  See?  Black nails.  I also noticed that her wardrobe tends to mirror her health, too.

And how could I resist one with Spike in it?  The man's so great when he's bad!  I'm still very much under the impression that fictional vampires can be sexy and completely badass without sparkling.

I'm a big Joss Whedon fan, so don't be terribly surprised if I mangle some more theme manicures in the future.  I hope that you enjoyed the Drusillicure!  Thank you for reading!

"I'm naming all the stars."
"You can't see the stars, love, that's the ceiling.  Also, it's day."
"I can see them.  But I've named them all the same name, and there's terrible confusion..."


  1. What a fun mani and great inspiration! Love how it turned out!

  2. buffy the vampire slayer! woo! haha awesome mani :)

  3. OMG! I LOVE BUFFY TOO! And I love that line! Spike and Dru were the best, man. Seriously. I'm so glad they're playing buffy again on LOGO. We totally watch it all the time! PS- just found your blog and am totally going to follow you! I WANT PERPLEX! muwahaha..... ✰Sarah✰ (aka