Wednesday, December 15, 2010


First, a quick note!  Thank you to everyone that left me encouraging notes in my last entry about Brad being away. :)  It really helped me feel better!  We had some serious snow last weekend, though, so he decided to come home early.  So I saw him Saturday morning before he left to hang out with his friends, and I saw him Sunday night after his long drive in the crazy snow back to his apartment here...  We STILL haven't gone a day without seeing each other.  Our record still stands!

Life is pretty busy right now!

My temp job at the college bookstore started up again last week.  I work just shy of full time at my normal job, and then put in at least five and a half hours each night I'm scheduled to temp.  It's not hard work, it's just a long, long time to be on your feet (twelve hours a day, what what!).  That being said, I've found myself pretty worn out lately.  People aren't rude or mean, but everyone is tired or stressed about final exams, and I think that they all just want holiday break to start.  I can't blame them there!

At the end of the semester, the bookstore will check in textbooks that were rented out, and buy back books that students purchased for their classes but no longer want or need.  I give people the money for their books. :)  Needless to say, I see a pretty incredible number of people.  I helped 228 people today just by giving them the money for the textbooks they sold.  This doesn't include the other book and item sales I made.  It was a pretty fulfilling day. :)

Yesterday I wore Milani Blue Flash.  A couple girls liked it, but one specifically pointed it out and mentioned a couple other very similar colors (Absolutely Alice and Dorothy Who?) in asking what it was.  I was pretty psyched to tell her what I was wearing.  She showed me that she was wearing a newer Sally Hansen polish.  "Wet Cement," she said, cool as a cucumber.  Of course I already knew who made it!  Haha!  I wish that she would have hung around to gab a little, but alas, a line was building.  I very much love the ladies in the blogging community, but I would be tickled to have a friend in real life as obsessed with polish as me! <3

Sorry for the rambling. :)  Ten days until Christmas!  Gak!  I'm so not ready!

I'll play myself out with a little bit of polish.

This is three coats of Color Club Age of Aquarius, with one quick coat of Cover Girl City Lights over the top to bump up the pretty factor.  I only got one decent shot of this one, so I hope you like it!

Also, if you haven't yet, don't forget to enter my giveaway!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


  1. Love the mani! The glitter over it looks awesome! And I'm with you on having a friend that was obsessed with cosmetics as I am! Oh well, thats what the blogging community is here for!