Friday, December 10, 2010

Revlon - Perplex

I should have posted this first, but I really couldn't wait to put the giveaway up!  Please enter! :)  Clickity-click!

I have to say, the first time I saw Perplex, I wasn't super psyched.  But let me tell you why!  I was in the midst of buying some polish from Mary over at Body & Soul (seriously, if you're not already following her, do it now.  She's a really neat gal and she writes a stellar blog!), and through my own misunderstanding, I had expressed interested in Cover Girl Purplexed.  It's a very pretty purple, but oops!  Not what I was after!  (Also, ugh, cosmetic companies!  Why do you have to use such similar names!?).  So when I saw the full display at Ulta, I remember thinking "Too bad I already bought you!"

So anyway, I worked things out with Mary and ended up going back to Ulta to buy three bottles!  One for me, one for her, and one for a lucky reader! :)  The girls at Ulta thought I was crazy ("You already have every polish imaginable, and now you're buying three bottles of the same color?"), but that's pretty standard, I suppose.


A warm welcome to my new OttLite as well!  I'm not used to taking photos under such a great light source.  Unfortunately, a lot of purples still look blue.  Please use your imagination (seeing as my camera has none).  Do you see the streak of subtle shimmer there on the middle finger?  The bottle was gorgeous.  Swathes of the pure purple shimmer floated in the dusky purple cream.  It was a beautiful polish to wear!

This was two easy peasy coats.  I'm not unfamiliar with Revlon polishes, but it's not very often that I find a color interesting enough to buy.  This was a great color and wonderful polishing experience!

Definitely looking forward to wearing this again.  Once I get my swapped bottle of Paradoxal, I'll do a side by side comparison.

So what do you think of Perplex?  Is it on your wish list?

Thanks for reading!


  1. OOOH I love that!! Def. going on my wish list - I can't wait to enter the contest - going to try and get all the entries I can lol :)

  2. It is on my wishlist! I've been looking for it, but have not been able to find it in my area! I'm going to have to enter your giveaway!