Thursday, January 27, 2011

Heeelp... :(

Adorable sad kitty for your troubles.

I have a BIG problem with my nails peeling.  They're almost always peeling to a certain extent, but a huge chunk almost half the size of my entire nail just flaked off of my thumb, and it makes me sad. :(  I understand that a way to reduce peeling is to not expose your hands to so much water, but I'm sorry to say that less exposure to water isn't an option for me, so I need a different solution.

I think that Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure base coat might have been helping, but my bottle got awfully thick about half way through, and I stopped using it.  My new base coat does jack, though, and the peelies are back.  I've considered buying more Miracle Cure, but it doesn't seem to be worth the $7.00 if I can't use the second half of it. :/

Anyone that has peeling nails and a great base coat that treats them well, I want to hear from you!  I definitely prefer something that I can buy in a store as opposed to online, but I'm open to every suggestion.


  1. if you have dry peelies already, maybe try a hydrating basecoat (instant artificials or gelous- i think both from sally's)

    transdesign has a line by nailtek which is suppose to be a hydrating-treatment too, called citra

    hope that helps a bit :)

  2. I personally use OPI nail strengther as my base coat, it may not be the great for staining, but it does help my nails from peeling.

    Also I would suggust using cuticle oil after you take of your nail polish al over.

    As well try not to use alot of actetone or acetone based products cause it drys out your nail plate and in turn makes it peel. I know glitter nail polishs are hard to get off without it but its kinda a pros and cons weight at this point in time.

  3. I have terrible spliting nails...always have had. We have a brand called Herome, which sell amazing nail treatments, but those are only allowed a 4 times a year 2 weeks straight use to thicken up your nails. I don`t use it that way, but the way I do works perfect for me. each 3 days I apply an extremly thin coat as a BC underneath my colored polish. i`ve been doing this for at least 6 months and the splitting problems have reduced massively :)

  4. I'm sure there're many cosmetic brands with good treatment for you. I had the problem for as long as I remember and I recently *TOTALLY* got rid off it by using the treatment line from Catrice, a super inexpensive brand from Germany, and now my nail are growing as healthily as never.

    I started with nail hardener but I didn't like how they made my nails brittle so I switched to a formaldehyde-free "vitamin complex", also by Catrice. I've been using it as base coat before every manicure for months and I hadn't had a break/peel for a longgg time! Believe me, my nails wouldn't last a week without damage :(

    Try out the products you have available, not necessarily expensive stuff, and see how things go :)

  5. I don't have any products to recommend as I'm testing a bunch myself, but you might try getting a bottle of thinner (it's really cheap at Sally Beauty Supply) to use on your base coat.

  6. Amused: I've not tried either of those polishes, so I'll give them a try next. Also, I know of a store here that carries a few Nailtek items. Maybe they'll have Citra! :)

    Aryn: Thanks for the suggestions! I actually don't use cuticle oil right now, but every little bit helps, right? Especially while it's so cold and dry here.

    Martje: Don't be surprised if I ask you to find some of this for me, or some of the Catrice that Thifa brought up! Haha!

    Thifa: Maybe part of my problem is that I've always seen my nails as weak, and therefore in need of some hardening polish. Maybe what they need more is moisture or a vitamin or mineral compound... Thank you for the suggestion! I'm really interested in trying out the Catrice treatments! Do you just use the vitamin complex one, or do you use a combination of treatments?

    Zara: I was wondering how your search was going! And for some reason I didn't think that thinner in base coat would be okay. ....don't know why, though. I'll have to dig my thinner out. :)

  7. Yeah, I made that mistake in the beginning too, as I said. My nails were indeed *hard* but as brittle as hell.. Would not peel anymore but would break after every bump.. Not the way to go!

    Catrice has many nail treatment complexes ( ) but I've been using the combination Growth Support and Smoothing Base Coat (just to prevent staining). If you do have Catrice in your stores, I encourage you to give it a try.

    Oh, I also have a few hand/nail cream spread through the house/purse. That must be helping too! Specially with my cuticles.

  8. Ow no worry sweety, can always ask me check the stores ;)

  9. I love the nail tek products!

  10. I just started using Gelous on my thumbs, they are constantly cracking really close to the skin, I can't remember the last time they were the same length as the rest of my nails :(

    I started taking biotin a month ago and they are growing faster, stronger and no cracks yet :) The one crack I did have before I started the biotin Gelous really helped out with. I didn't want to cut my nails short again, so I used 2 coats of Gelous as a base coat before polish and it keeps the crack in place better than polish alone. you can't even tell there is a crack and I can finally get it to grow out!

  11. How much Biotin do you take, and how often, Danielle? I've heard of this before, but haven't tried it.