Saturday, January 8, 2011


My favorite thing about nail polish collecting is the treasure hunt aspect of it.  It's a lot of fun to stumble across rare gems in nail salons, but I find swapping even more fun.  And what's better than giving nice things you've found to people that want them?  Especially when they give you a treasure that you've been seeking in return!  Genius!

These are three swaps that I've conducted lately with some very special ladies.  I love everything that I've received from them!  I'm putting them in chronological order.

This is my swap with Barbara from Biba's Beauty Corner.  She's a darling lady from Slovenia, and I was extremely eager to engage in this swap.

I originally requested the swap so that I could get my hands on S-he Stylezone #466, the gray polish.  I'll post my mani sometime, but it's absolutely gorgeous.  It's a gray with a touch of blue, and filled with a subtle golden shimmer.  I've found that it looks different in almost every light.  Gorgeous!

Aren't they beautiful?  I'm saving the pink holo polish for when it's more sunny out.  The brown there on the left is incredibly stunning as well.  It's going to be a wonderful winter polish!

Barbara also added some of my polishes to her Barry M order!  Wow! <3

I got Mushroom, Raspberry, Dusky Mauve, and Nail Effects. :)

These were a bit of a surprise!  I had wanted Back to Paradise (the middle polish), but the other two were new to me! :)

Sooo pretty!  The Twilight Essense polish is going to be gorge for winter, too!

My second swap is from Tammy, author of Canadian Nail Fanatic.  Let me tell you, I was very anxious to receive this swap!

Along with the polishes that she sent me, she also sent along the little booklet from CND (which of course makes me wish I could have more!) along with a little baggie filled with a generous number of multicolored nail art gems.  I'm not huge into nail art now, but I'm looking forward to using these whenever I get around to buying Bundle Monster and Konad plates!

Can you see why?  I've been lemming the CND Night Factory duo since I first saw them swatched, but as far as I know, there's nowhere to buy them here in town.  Tammy very generously swapped these with me.  And wait... can you see...?

That's right!  Merry Midnight! <3 <3 <3 <3  This has been another huge item on my wish list!  Oooo la la, and isn't it gorgeous?!  Even though this wasn't a big swap a la number of polishes, it was definitely a worthwhile swap for me.  I am in love with these polishes!

And check out these great extras!  She sent me two beautiful Colorama flakie topcoats!

This last swap here is from Jill over at Just Peachy!  After seeing Cosmetic Arts All the Trimmings, I contacted her to see if she could find it for me.  Our small polish swap morphed into a bigger, more exciting and polish-filled endeavor!
Check out these goodies!  I'm super psyched to wear all of these!

These are the three Cosmetic Arts polishes she sent me (All the Trimmings in the middle!), along with a tube of Jesse's Girl primer.  Thank you again for finding these for me, Jill!

She also sent me LA Splash Golden seahorse, this neat Oke Doke polish, and a little tube of Jesse's Girl lip gloss.  And do you see those little pods?  They're eyeshadows!  Jill is such a dear, mixing up a couple eyeshadows for me!  From what I can see from the outside (I don't want to open them until I use them.  Spilling them on accident would be a tragedy!), the top one is a purple-gold mix and the bottom one appears to be a stronger pink-peach with a hint of gold as well.  These are both gorgeous colors that I can't wait to wear with the primer she sent! :)

I had a wonderful time swapping with these three fantastic ladies, and I'm looking forward to future swaps with each of them. :D  I encourage all of you to check out their blogs and follow them, if you aren't already!

Thank you for reading!


  1. ooh! nice swaps! i looooooove & want Merry Midnightttt! :P

  2. Excellent swaps! I just got Merry Midnight in a swap myself. just gorgeous. Enjoy all your lovelies.

  3. Great swaps! I'm so happy you like everything from our swap :D

    You really are an awesome swap partner too!

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  6. nice swapss!!
    I've also tagged you in stylish blog award:

  7. I am also tagging you!! LOL Sorry if you are getting overwhelmed by these! I just couldn't leave out my fellow HOOSIER blogger:)

  8. great swap!
    ohmygosh, I also tagged you... You got a lot of tags, girl! I love your blog! <33

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  10. What's the name of that oke.doke polish? It looks gorgeous. Green-ish?