Saturday, January 1, 2011

TRONICA SWATCHES!!! *pic heavy post!*

What what!!!

My girl Janet sent me a text yesterday to say that she'd been to a beautician supply shop in town and that they had new nail polish.  Thinking that it was China Glaze's On Deck collection, I wasn't overwhelmingly excited.  The colors look nice, but nothing that I'm impatient for.  When she replied, though, she said that they had Tronica.


I had a miniature freakout before begging her to take me to pick them up today.  So this is a massive shout out to the totally awesome gal that never seems to get tired of feeding my polish habit.  Janet, hugs, kisses, and massive squishes to you!  Thank you!

My two little lovelies.  I may or may not have squealed like a wee girl in my car after I bought them.

Here is the China Glaze Tronica collection all together.  Don't mind the bracelets holding them in place.  Turns out polishes in round bottles like to roll over and hide their labels.

I'll apologize before I start for a few things.
A) It's winter in Indiana and I wash my hands 234238923 times a day.  All the lotion in the world can't save my skin right now, especially if I'm swatching.
B) Being winter in Indiana, there's no sun out. :(  I'm happy with a collection of holo polishes regardless, but you'll have to wait for another blogger to post sunny pictures.
C) Between my OttLite, my camera, and all of the negative sun going on here, I know that I didn't do these justice.  I really wanted to share the collection with everyone, though! :)

All of the pictures you see are two coats of polish with no top coat, in an effort to make the holo effect stand out more prominently.

Techno Teal
This is maybe my favorite polish of the bunch, but it's very hard to pick just one!  I feel as if this color is comparable to DV8, but I also believe that it's a darker hue of teal.

Hyper Haute
I really loved this color as well!  This was a deep, gorgeous raspberry holo that I can't wait to see out in the sunshine!  Comparable to QT.
Virtual Violet
A nice, dark purple holo.  This picture even picked up a bit of the holo effect.  I feel that this polish is comparable to LOL or Color Club's Wild at Heart.
Silver holo.  This is the only one that I had some issues with.  I didn't feel that the holo effect in this one was as evident as the others.  Also, with such a light color, I did have some balding.  Comparable to OMG.
Laser Lime
Lime green holo.  Goes on a bit sheer at first, but can be layered up.  There will still be a bit of VNL with only two coats of the lighter colors, but an extra coat would do the trick.  Comparable to L8R G8R.
3D Fantasy
Mmmm, red holo. :)  Comparable to TMI.
This is a light taupe holo.  Very work appropriate.  I wonder how it compares to Butter London All Hail McQueen?  Comparable to (though not a total dupe, in my opinion) FYI.
Electra Magenta
I don't know if I would call this one magenta.  I'd be more willing to call Hyper Haute magenta, not this.  I found this one to be a pinky-purple shade.  A purplink. :3  Comparable to BFF.
Digital Dawn
I suppose that this is a dusty rose color, but there was so much copper in it that it reminded me more of a certain brand of battery than of a rosy shade.  Not my type of color, but like the rest, the formula is nice and even.  Comparable to TTYL.
High Def
I would say that this is more of a medium blue holo.  It's not standard blue, but it's not dusty, light, or sky, either.  Comparable to 2NITE.
Gamer Glam
Light purple/saturated lavender holo.  Comparable to IDK.
Mega Bite
A gold holo.  Again, not my cup of tea as far as color goes, but everything else about it is just right.  Comparable to GR8.

I haven't yet seen these colors compared to the polishes in the OMG collection, but as I pointed out with each polish I swatched, I feel that they're basically either the same, or so similar that you don't need both.  I own most of the OMG collection, so it's a slight disappointment for me.  However, I think that the Tronica collection is going to be a great way for people to pick up colors that they missed out on when OMG was readily available.  Also, these China Glaze holo polishes look like they're fantastic for stamping, and I've seen some really amazing nail art where they're used.  For avid stampers, having this new-old collection back will probably be very nice.

I personally feel like the formula on these new Tronica holos is better than the formula from the OMG collection.  Maybe I'm imagining things?  I had many issues with streaking and balding with the OMG colors, and I didn't have those issues with these polishes.

Don't forget your holo polish basics!  Wearing a base coat with this formula of polish can be the cause of bald spots and drag, so it's advisable to not wear one at all.  Don't worry about nail staining, though.  Holo polishes seem to have a different pigmentation that doesn't (so far as I know) stain.  Two coats is sufficient for a dark color, maybe three for a lighter shade.  Wearing a top coat over the polish will reduce the rainbow effects, so if you can keep yourself from wearing a top coat, the polish will give you a greater show.

Which Tronica polishes will you be picking up?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Wow, I want them all!!! So excited for this!

  2. Sqeeee!!!Holo goodness!!!
    I hope you're just as lucky in the rest of 2011!Happy new year!

  3. Holly cow! You already have this collection!?

    Happy New Year! :)

  4. OMG awesome! I m so jealous you got this! I didn't even get PR info on it yet! Awesome they had it early!

  5. *drool*
    ahh they're so nice. and howcome you already have this collection?
    happy 2011!

  6. thank you for noting the comporables

  7. Thank you thank you for posting these!

  8. Thank you for posting this! I was very curious for this collection!

  9. Omg, so gorgeous! I missed out on the OMG collection, so this is perfect. The teal and violet are calling my name.

  10. This is amazing, thank you for sharing. I have most of the OMG collection, but now I can order backups!

  11. OH MY GOD. *google eyes* You are so lucky...I'm jealous!

  12. "Indiana"...
    Wait, *I'M* in Indiana...
    *runs out to BMP to see if they have it*

    (appropriate captcha: holonunna)

  13. I would like so see them sideby-side with OMG

  14. oooo pretty =)

    I cant wait for this collection, I havent seen it at my beauty supply store yet :/

  15. Thanks for posting! I want to order as soon as these hit the e-tailers, so this is helpful!

  16. ALL OF THEM OMGOMGOMG!!!! :D My local Sally seems to get things in later, so I have no idea when this will come in. But here's hoping!!

  17. Hm I guess I will be satisfied with the polishes from the OMG collection then. Might have to get Techno Teal, but think thats the only one :) Thanks for the swatching :)

  18. Where can I find it!?
    Renata From Brasil

  19. Ooh Virtual Violet has me the most excited!

  20. Wow I am amazed at how similar they are too the OMG collection. These aren't sold anywhere near my country so I am glad that I already have the entire OMG collection and dont need to worry about getting these. thanks for the swatches :)

  21. Thank you so much to everyone that's replied to this!

    Ria: Thank you! I hope that you have a wonderful 2011 as well!

    Biba: I do! Hehe! They aren't out in regular stores here yet, though. I don't know when that will happen... I do feel like I got very lucky, being able to get my hands on them so early.

    Gina: Thanks! I was pretty shocked when Janet told me that they already had it available to buy, but I wasn't going to look at gift horse in the mouth. ;) I hadn't seen a single swatch of these polishes anywhere, so I jumped on the opportunity to buy them.

    You nailed it!: Maybe the store put them out too early? I'm not sure. :) It was a pleasant surprise!

    Peripatetic: You're welcome! I noticed pretty quickly that they were similar, if not identical, to the OMG collection.

    Attacked: I think Tronica is a great alternative for people that did miss out on OMG. When I got into polish, I ordered a bunch of the OMG polishes from a seller on eBay. If I had only known that Tronica would roll around less than a year later... ;)

    Glitzkreig: Hooray, another Hoosier! :D I jumped right on following your blog. I hope you don't mind. :) There's another gal that follows me that lives in Bloogmington. Her name is Morgan, and this is her blog ( Indiana polishers unite! :D Also, I picked them up at a CosmoProf, and I don't believe they're at local retailers yet. Good luck, though!

    Kajalpennen: I don't own all of the OMG polishes (I kept Scrangie's post on them open so that I could do picture comparisons between colors), but I'll try to dig the ones that I do own out this week so that I can do side by sides for you guys.

    LiAnn: HI! I didn't know that you came to follow my blog! :D Keep your eyes open for them, I know they'll show up. I'm still loving Emerald Sparkle! It sits in a coveted spot on my nightstand, instead of hiding in the big bags of polish beside my bed. :)

    Rijah: You're welcome. :) If I find that these are identical to my OMG polishes when I swatch them side by side, I may just gift the newer dupe polishes to friends and readers. It would be a shame for them to sit around unused!

    Lisa: You're welcome! They are incredibly similar, so if you already have OMG, I'd say you're in pretty good shape. :)

  22. Oh, you lucky, lucky lady. I wish I knew someone who could get me into the CosmoProf about ten miles down the road. I bet Tronica is there, just taunting me.

  23. Also, heck yeah, mini Hoosier-party in the comments!

  24. I was suspecting these would be OMG repromoted. Not that it is a bad thing, but I was sort of hoping for some new holo colors!
    Well, at least I can get all the ones I always wanted! :P

  25. I'm very happy to see they ended up in the hands of professionals before bloggers. I may have to back down on the rant against OPI's Katy Perry that has been boiling for a while.

  26. Wow! This collection looks so awesome! You are one lucky girl for scoring all of them!

  27. They look like they're really similiar to the polishes in the OMG collection. They don't look as holographic as them, though. Could be just from the picture. The silver holo looks more like Color Club's Worth The Risque sort of holo. Am I right or is it just a picture effect?
    I feel like I'll "have" to buy them anyway lol
    Loved the swatches, really helpful.
    Thanks =)

  28. Thanks so much for posting these!! I missed out on OMG so I'll be picking up some (or maybe all) of these!! :D

  29. I just put a link to your post and to your swatch pictures in my blog, I hope it's ok =)
    Here's the link if you wanna check the post (it's in Portuguese cause I'm brazilian).

  30. Wow, you are super lucky! Thanks for the sneek peak!

  31. Those are pretty. But I think if you wash your hands less, a lot less, your hands will recover. Soap is bad for your hands and because you wash your hands so often, the good bacteria on your hands wash away, leaving your hands dry. When they recover, your hands look and feel better


  32. Is the holo effect linear (like in the omg's) or is it more of a random holo effect?

  33. I am SO jealous! I can't find anywhere, or anywhere online, that sells the Tronica collection :(

  34. Colorful nail polishes! Amazing set, hope to be able a good for my sister and put all these for cory grant, thanks

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