Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

Do you ever look peek at a blog sale and find yourself wanting something so bad, but knowing that you shouldn't buy it?  I have to keep telling myself "Repeat after me: 'I will not spent $50+ on a few bottles of Lippmann polish, I will NOT spend $50+ on a few bottles of Lippmann polish!!!'"

...Though they're three great colors that I really want........


...... *cough*

Apparently Snowpocalypse is in the process of hitting us.  What is my reaction to this?  Do I rush out to the superstores and stock up, or fill my car with blankets and emergency rations just in case of a slide off?

Psssh, of course not!  I was too busy giving myself a cute snow manicure!

Here's both my right and left hand.  I used Nicole by OPI Midnight Snowfall (which has a ridiculously appropriate name, by the way) for the base.  Like all blurples, the color in the photo is, of course, inaccurate.  I like this polish a lot because it's simply the most straight forward blue violet cream I've seen, I think.  I used two coats here, but ladies with longer nails will likely want three.  It's a little thin for being such a dark polish, but the end color is totally worth it!  For the snowflakes, I used Nicole by OPI Positive Energy.  I used one snowflake on each nail (not bothering to line them up nicely, obv), and two flakes on each thumb.

Sorry for no bottle or plate pictures.  They're all over at Bradley's apartment, which is far across the frozen tundra. :P

Considering that I managed to do this manicure and watch Lost at the same time, I think it turned out pretty well!

I have a question for you ladies!  Outside of the China Glaze Khrome and Romantique polishes, what others work very well for stamping?  I've been using Nicole by OPI Positive Energy and Light a Candle a lot lately, and I also just picked up a metallic pink from Orly.  Also, what's the best opaque white polish to use for stamping, outside of the special polishes?  Please share any and all suggestions!

Thank you for reading! :D


  1. Cute! I've found that the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line is really good for stamping. I've used the white and it worked well.

  2. I'm in the area under massive snow alert too-I'm thinking great!...a day off from work to play with polishes!!! Stay safe over next few days-mani looks great and very appropriate indeed!

  3. Great mani! I'm with you, screw stocking up on things. Play with some polish instead! Love the snowflakes!

  4. The OMGs work well for stamping...but that's almost heresy to use such gorgeous prismatic-holos for stamping. (Though...they look really good, especially with the designs with thicker lines...)

  5. Hi! I've been looking for Nicole by OPI Midnight Snowfall everywhereee and cannot seem to find it!! I was wondering if you were interested in selling yours (or possibly swapping if I have something you're interested in)?? Let me know, thanks :)
    My email is