Thursday, April 1, 2010



I am so irritated right now!!

I bought a bottle of Studio M "Slamming Red."  Before I even started reading the blogs, I would pick it up in the store and check it out whenever I went by.  But just opening the bottle was enough to make me put it back on the shelf.  There's so much glitter in the polish that it is SO, SO THICK.

Earlier this week, though, I gave in.  The color was too great.  The glitter was too dazzling.  The swatches I'd seen were too perfect.  So I bought Slamming Red and a bottle of polish thinner to fix it with.

As of right now, I've mixed fifteen drops of thinner into it.  There's a noticable difference, but it's still way too thick and goopy to work with.  I tried it out on one hand and just couldn't continue.

Should I keep adding thinner to see if I can fix the consistency, or is this a lost cause?


  1. sounds like it needs more thinner. and if it doesn't fix it, you can always franken polishes with it =D

  2. I put another TEN drops in after this post, and it's still icky. I'll try to paint my nails with it once more, but ugh. Haha!

    Maybe I'll just franken it in with some clear polish and see what happen? Oooo, or black. <3