Thursday, April 1, 2010

China Glaze: Four Leaf Clover

I adored China Glaze's Up and Away collection for Spring.  The collective excitement from the ladies around the blogging community is what really sparked my interested in not only writing my own blog, but getting back into painting my nails more often than just when I pick all the polish off. ;)

The whole colorful balloon theme that China Glaze went with made me think of Disney and Pixar's movie UP.  I know that it's a movie for kids, but if you haven't seen it yet, I highly suggest it.  Pixar always seems to impress me by making movies that can appeal to adults while still having the quality of being loved by children.  That's a pretty tall order, in my opinion.

Back to polish!  Have a photo!

As anyone that has ever tried to photograph this polish knows, it's extremely (EXTREMELY!) difficult to capture.  To put it into perspective, I took forty-four pictures of this particular lacquer, and I probably only got five shots that portray a near-true-to-life color of Four Leaf Clover.

I really like this color a lot.  It's so unique!  Again, the pictures don't do it complete justice.  I think that if you can capture this particular color without the aid of a photo editor, you're a genius behind a camera. :)

I assure you, THIS IS FOUR LEAF CLOVER!!  I'm not trying to trip you up!  I just wanted to show how horribly inaccurate most of my pictures turned out.  Any photo I took with flash, or with direct sunlight, turned out like this.  Robin's egg blue?!

I had such a difficult time trying to get the color right on these pictures that you're not even getting bottle love today.  Why bother!  It looks robin's egg blue, even when I tried to photograph it inside, under dull, artificial light like I did with the pictures that actually turned out!

Enough ranting about the weird relationship between the color and my digital camera, though.  This polish is such a fantastic color for Spring!  I didn't have any problems with the formula (though I can't say the same for some of the other Up and Away polishes I bought).  Four Leaf Clover is very pigmented, too.  I did two coats for these pictures, but if you find yourself in a pinch, one coat will do you.

I highly suggest that you scoop up your own bottle of this before they're gone, so that you can enjoy a great green all Spring and Summer!



  1. Another great color--from what I can tell--there must be something in the polish that causes the light to deflect differently in different light. Either way, it's like getting two colors in one bottle!

  2. But see, it's a straight up solid color. There's not even a speck of shimmer in it! I suspect that it has a very blue base, even if it doesn't show in the finished product.

    Though I could be entirely off base, too. ;)

  3. Love it! Great pics! And congrats on your new blog!
    ~Sylvia & April

  4. It's a gorgeous color. Impossible to photograph, but absolutely gorgeous. =]

  5. Thanks, guys! It's probably my favorite green right now. :)