Saturday, April 10, 2010

China Glaze: QT

Let me tell you a tale.

Once upon a time, there was a newbie polish lover.  She read blog after blog about shimmering blues and greens, glittery purples, and every other eye-catching hue.  In her devoted reading, though, she was dazzled by something so interesting, so exotic, that she was determined to find it for herself!  What was it, you may ask?

The elusive dusty.

Oh yes, the newbie polish lover was enthralled by the thought of finding discontinued polishes and ridiculously low prices.  For her interpretation of the dusty she'd read about, she searched high and low.  Wasn't there a discount supply store going out of business SOMEWHERE in the kingdom?!  No!  She couldn't find a single one!  And as her search dwindled, she grew despondent.

As a last resort, the tired and disappointed girl walked to a small nail salon after consoling herself with ice cream.  The chimes tinkled overhead, and a woman yelled from the back of the shop to ask if she wanted a pedicure.  But the girl was paralyzed by the sight before her.

Oh wonder!  Oh glory!

"Do you sell your polishes?"

Believe it or not...  The newbie nail polish lover is me (WHO KNEW!).  This whole last week has been a complete joy.  Step aside, Sally Beauty Supply!  Get out of the way, Ulta!  Nail salons are officially the bee's knees.  One great thing is finding the discontinued or highly coveted shades for next to nothing.  Another great thing I've found is that now I'm able to get my grubby little mitts on polish brands not even commercially sold in my city.  My favorite part of this is the hunt, though.  You may go into one salon looking for a certain polish and not find it, but it's almost guaranteed that you'll find something different but just as fantastic!

Let me just name off the fantastic polishes I found this week! <3

China Glaze:  QT (featured today!), OMG, L8R G8R, Blue Island Iced Tea, Entourage, Rainstorm, and Paper Chasing.
OPI:  Holiday Glow, Midnight Blue Glitter, and Can't You Sea?
New York Summer:  Amaranth and Hot Atomic Red
Cosmo:  Lords of the Bling and I Found Nemo (also, super great names!)
Creative: #373 Limelight
Freshcover:  Chez Michelle, Anticipation, Hard Grape

Actually, this week was filled with polish-y goodness.  While cleaning my room, I found some (China Glaze Shower Together [my first CG!], and Sally Hansen's Honeydew and Night Hydrangea).  While visiting a friend, I was gifted some (mini OPI bottles of Eiffel for this Color and RapiDry Topcoat!  Thanks, Angela!!).  And while trying to resist at Sally's, I bought one (but WHO can resist China Glaze Medallion for $2?!).

...Also, my ebay order came today.  OPI Black Cherry Chutney, and China Glaze DV8, TMI, LOL, Cherry Pie, Orange Marmalade, Dollhouse, Moulin Rouge, and Gussied Up Green.  I was SUPPOSED to get Mom's Chiffon, but I was sent a bottle of Groovy Green instead! :(  And lucky me, the only bottle that leaked was (you guessed it) Groovy Green!  And I can't even be excited about the color, as it looked JUST like Re-Fresh Mint from Up and Away.

All of that said, I'm up to my eyeballs in polish right now.  The next few weeks would serve me VERY WELL if they were no-buy (or very minimal-buy) weeks.  Cheap salon polishes are a great find and SO cheap, but that only lets me believe that I can get more. *o*

QT was the first polish that I picked up and refused to put down again at my very first dusty.  The ebay store I'd decided to buy from didn't carry QT, even though I desperately wanted it!  Imagine my joy as I found the bottle, brand new and untouched, on the rack!  Let me show you this little darling!

Isn't it beauuuutiful??  Quick apologies for the sloppy application.  I was in a hurry to meet a friend, and I NEEDED to show him this really great polish!

This was two coats.  I wasn't used to the holographic formula, so I did have some drag, but it dried very quickly with perfect coverage.  I also didn't experience bad flaking or chipping!

This is near the top of the list for my favorite polishes of all time!

Just let me have one more enchanted sigh before I go!

Now that I have a bunch of the OMG collection, I'm looking forward to wearing them.  Indiana actually took a turn back to freezing temperatures and snow flurries toward the end of the week, though, and it felt unjust that I couldn't wear these gorgeous holo polishes out into the sun!

Hold onto your socks, ladies.  I had some really gorgeous finds from my dusty hunting excursion this week, and I can't wait to share them all with you!


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