Friday, April 2, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

...for Sinful Colors' Timbleberry.

(Annstah, this one is for you!)

Right before I started up Persistently Polished, Annie over at NAILSTAH posted this review of China Glaze's Pink Chiffon.  (Of course, her review only made me want it. *facepalm*)  Sinful Colors' Timbleberry was brought up as a possible dupe, and was suggested as a possible dupe for China Glaze's Sugar High from the Up and Away collection as well.

I think that both Pink Chiffon and Sugar High are similar pinks, so I can't at all blame anyone for feeling like one polish could dupe both.

I put Timbleberry on last night in hopes that it would come close to Annie's super pretty Pink Chiffon. Unfortunately, it isn't even close.

A word of apology for the glitter all up in my cuticles in the pictures. lol  The last post I made about the struggle with Slamming Red?  That's what's left of it.  After that disappointment, I didn't feel like going at my poor nails with an orange stick.

I'll admit that in some pictures, it does look pinkish.  This direct sun picture brings out some interesting tones in Timbleberry.  But make sure you take a good peep at the picture below with the polish's name sticker and my thumb.  That seems closest to real life.

This polish is a bright, almost neon color.  Unlike a neon polish, though, it dries with a shine. :)  I would consider it a coral, but it very much has a red base rather than pink.

This wasn't an overly pigmented polish, but it was far from sheer.  Two coats was perfect.  It was a little thick, but I imagine it was just the bottle I got.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems darker in this picture.  Which is overall more accurate.

And just for comparison, I took a couple more pictures.
This is Timbleberry next to China Glaze's Sugar High.

And here's Timbleberry next to High Hopes.
(Both Sugar High and High Hopes are from the China Glaze Up and Away collection)

Almost the same, right? :D

The photos don't seem to show that High Hopes is subtly lighter than Timbleberry, but if you're not a stickler for owning the name brand, you can save yourself a few bucks. :)

Thanks for reading!



  1. EEE! dude, the sinful color looks way redder. It almost looks like 90% red with a dash of pink in it. It looks redder than high hopes. So, it might even be possible it's not even a dupe! Oh the necessity of having more than one "shade" of almost the same polish. =D If I see this, I'm definitely grabbing it and I'll do a side by side comparison. Heehee, oh man glitter in cuticles was such a pain to take off. I finished swatching all 300 or so bottles of my polishes the other day, and my hand hurt by the time I was done. -____-

  2. It WAS really, really red when I put it on! In the bottle, it has a pinkish look. And in some of the pictures it does, too. But on the nail, it's like this... super neon red-coral. It's great and like BAM! SUMMER-Y!!!! But it's definitely nothing like Pink Chiffon!!

    On my screen and in person, High Hopes and Timbleberry look very similar. I was going to take polish off a couple fingers and swatch High Hopes alongside it, buuuuut... I was too lazy. :)

    Oh my goodness, 300 POLISHES?! Well like... I have maybe 225ish? But you've swatched all of yours?! :O Holy cow! I always do a full manicure of whatever I'm posting. Work is so rough on my hands, though, that I usually have to take off the sorry remains and re-paint before I go to bed. On the plus side, though, that gives me both hands to photograph, if I happen to mess one up. :D

  3. dude. It was no easy task. I did it originally like you, doing full manicures of each, but I got HELLA impatient and I needed to try all of them at least once. My "swap/giveaway" pile got huge. Man, it was such a liberating feeling to finish swatching all of them. It took me almost a week and staying up till 2-3am. LOL. I'm a night owl. I feel ya, with having to redo your manicure everyday. Work is usually really rough on my hands too, so I always make sure to give them some TLC before bed. =D

  4. Awesome post! Thimbleberry and High Hopes look close enough to me. So I guess I don't need both!
    I mostly do both my hands too. I like to wear my polish awhile before I switch.


  5. LOL, I should just make a post about all of this so my four lovely ladies can read it.

    I have all of my polishes sorted into boxes of warm colors, cool colors, and neutral colors (which includes the simple glitters, or glitters without a prominent warm or cold lean).

    I have another box that I put all of the polishes I've tried into. (Though this needs to be emptied and almost started over, as I took really terrible pictures of most of them. :/ )

    My last box has my manicure stuff in it. Lotions, remover, cotton pads, thinner, orange sticks, cuticle junk, blahblahblah... I've made it a habit of sticking a lot of polishes that I'm currently very interested in into that box. Then when it's time to do my nails, I just grab one of those, instead of rooting through the organized boxes. :) It works out pretty well.

    When I situated my box last night, I filled it with so many cool colors! lol