Friday, April 9, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish: Happy/Earthy and China Glaze: Rose Among Thorns

I keep promising that I won't schluff off, and then I do it anyway.  Tonight's entry is going to have to be another double post.  Between working, cleaning, family stuff, and a certain boy who shall not be named, I'm being kept very busy.  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  It's not at all a bad thing.  Just bad news for the poor photos that wait in my folders to be posted. :)

So less blah-blah, more pictures!

This is Happy/Earthy, one of the really neat color-changing "mood polishes" from Claire's.  I don't really think we need to go into the fact that the colors change due to body temperature rather than actual mood (and really, who ever gets into "earthy" mood?  Not me!), but we DO need to get into the clear truth that these polishes are still pretty cool.  I own the yellow/green, teal/blue, and pink/magenta colors.  I have yet to try the pink/magenta, but I have worn the teal/blue before.

The application is kind of nasty.  I'm not very used to using polishes that dry to a satin/matte, so the polish setting up while I was still painting was a bit of an issue.  Top coat is almost mandatory, as the finish without one is substandard.  I did really enjoy the fact that, when you're painting on the second coat, you can see the difference in the dried polish on your nail vs. the different color of polish on your brush.

Ignore the nick, please.
This polish really looks fantastic on ladies with longer nails.  I still think it's fun on my shorties, though. :)

I still think that yellow is hideous on me, though.
With the temperature of my hands, this is how it looked most of the time, though sometimes the nail bed had a bit more of a greenish tint.

This is what it looked like after a douse of hot water.

This was after a few moments under the cold water tap.
Notice how my pinky is already changing back, as are the very bases of my nails?  That's just a good testimony as to how warm my hands are all the time.

Check out this great water spotting action!
True story concerning this polish:  The day I wore it to work, I spent a lot of time watching it.  My favorite thing happened when I was filling up a bucket of water for my bread.  The water I was using was very cold, and the tiny spatters coming from the bucket would fleck my nails with green for a few seconds before my natural body head would overtake the spot with yellow again.  It was the coolest thing!

This was two coats of Earthy/Happy.  I had trouble with it flaking off in giant chunks once I'd gotten it wet, but if you don't have worries like that, then these mood polishes will be a lot of fun to try out.

Next up on the docket...

China Glaze's Rose Among Thorns

Where has this polish been all my life?!  It's fantastic!
Indoors, the polish might looks like an ambitious but not overly rich red.
In the direct sun, though, it's a gorgeous neon red-coral.


Instead of being a thick, goopy bright, Rose Among Thorns was a very thin polish.  The mani above is three thin coats.  It does dry to a satin-matte as well, but top coat fixes that right up.  While we're on the issue of top coats, though, please ignore my index finger.  I've found that my top coat is what's making bubbles appear in my polished nails.  I ceased use of the topcoat I'd been using and switched to something else temporarily.  The temporary fix is working well enough for now.

Rose Among Thorns is a very "me" type of color.  I love it, and I'm definitely wearing it again.  Next time, I'm going to try white polish beneath to keep the main focus on the real star of the show: bright neon coral!

I hope that you're all doing well!  I need to kick my blogging routine into gear and start posting earlier so that I can't even use the excuse that I'm tired or need to go to bed.  No excuses, just polish!  And I have some really neat stuff coming up to show you, so I'll be back!

Thank you all for reading and being so patient with me!



  1. Beautiful!

    We tagged you for the Sunshine Award! Spread the love :)

    ~Sylvia & April

  2. WHEE!! Pretty! I really want those mood polishes!! =[

  3. I can't find any information about mood polishes prizes or availability! How much it would be to purchase all of them? And where I can get them?

    (I'm from Finland, they aren't available here :/ )

    Here is my blog