Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wet n Wild Megalast: Tropicalia

I'm so excited!  My first color!

Indiana is finally starting to really warm up.  It was seventy degrees today!  I do believe that Spring has sprung!  I had to have a bright, happy color.  I couldn't help myself. :)

So here's a Wet n Wild polish from the new(ish) Megalast collection.  Tropicalia is a bright, punchy salmon cream.  The formula is a smidge thick, and I did have a couple bubbles in my second coat.  If you're careful, though, you can achieve a pretty opacity with one coat!  For a general consistency (and to even out the mistakes I made), I used two coats.

Isn't it pretty?!

Just another view for ya.

Little bit of bottle love!
The bottles are a bit small, but for this color, it was worth it!
And for how little it costs, I'd say you need this one!

Wet n Wild Megalast: Tropicalia

While I get the hang of this whole blogging thing, please don't be disturbed by any bumps along the way. :)  Once I figure it out, they'll disappear.  Also, I'm realizing how horrifying my fingers (not to mention my cuticles) look in micro.  I appreciate very much that you keep my job in mind, though.  I work with my hands continually, and I wash my hands very, very often.  I try to keep my hands moisturized, though.  My nails will never be long and beautiful like many of the ladies' nails in the polish blogiverse, but I like 'em.  And I want 'em to be pretty! :D

So thank you very much for understanding while I get everything in order along the way!

And thank you for reading!  I hope that you liked Tropicalia!



  1. This is a great color on you!!!!

  2. Thank you! :D

    And let's face it, WnW is so awesomely cheap. I love that fact just as much as the color!

  3. Great color! Though, I have to say it looks almost orangish in some pics @_@ weird.


    It's a bit of an orangey-pink. I called it salmon, for lack of a better term, I guess. If we want to get really technical (and/or weird), it looks like a whole bunch of pink and a little bit of orange had a baby. And then they named the baby Tropicalia.