Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ulta: Tutu Cute and Orly: Pixie Dust

Apologies to my very few (but very awesome) readers. :)  Easter was wonderfully lazy and I've been working on some cleaning projects as well.  I continue to dutifully paint my nails and take pictures, but I've been slacking off in taking the time to upload the pictures and then blog about them.

Tonight you get double the bang for your buck!  These were the two polishes that I wore over Easter weekend.  Considering that I should be in bed, though, I'm going to photo dump and try to keep things short and sweet.  If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!

Ulta:  Tutu Cute
Oh my goodness, I love it.  It's tutu adorable!!
(Come on.  Who didn't expect a lame joke?)

Sun pictures of this turned out so periwinkle!

Two coats to perfect opacity, and the formula was nearly perfect.  I had a few issues with some streaking, but I think that's standard fare with pastels.
I can honestly say that I didn't expect such a nice result from an Ulta polish.  What a great surprise!

The photos of Tutu Cute are a little excessive.  But I went through a lot of pains to get my hands on one of these new Spring colors and goshdarnit, there will be pictures!

Make sure that you get a bottle before they're gone!

This is Orly's Pixie Dust.  It's a super pale, grayed-out blue with loads of silvery shimmer.

This was three thin coats.  It applied very well, but it's just not the kind of color that I can't live without.  It did fill a hole in my collection, though, which sets that obsessive collector inside me at ease.

And it was on clearance to boot.  Bless you, Ulta.

Regardless of whether I loved it or not, Pixie Dust matched one of the colors in the sheer, flowing kimono top that I wore to our Easter service, and was therefore a perfect manicure color choice. :)

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Easter!!

What did you think of Tutu Cute and Pixie Dust? 



  1. Tutu Cute, cute purple, name is lame (haha!) I think it looks really similar to a lot of purples out there. I LOVE Pixie Dust!!! It's perfect!!! Clearance sections really clear out my wallet. =/

  2. I was pretty thrilled about Tutu because I didn't really have a purple quite like this. I bought the lilac color from the Sweet Things collection, but I haven't worn it yet. The brush it all wonky and off-putting. :)

    Pixie Dust was pretty and definitely something new for my collection, but I love wearing bright colors. So to wear something so grayed-out and placid made me a little antsy. I totally agree that it's gorgeous, though! $4.99 at Ulta!