Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day One

Day One:  Something you hate about yourself.

I generally dislike when things start on a negative note, but I did decide to do this fully knowing the less than positive way that this first prompt starts.

The thing about myself that I find I consistently hate is the fact that I hold onto so many useless things.  I'm nowhere close to the people on Hoarders, but I just have a lot of stuff in my life.  I try to rid my life of several things, but the ones that I always seem to hold onto are clothes, books, and makeup-y stuff.  Why do you suppose that I enjoy collecting polish so much? :)  It's a hoarding habit of mine that takes up much less space than the other two.

My collection of books has grown out of hand.  I have boxes and boxes of books.  I've put them away because they take up so much space, but being out of sight or in difficult places to get into, I don't think about them, or I choose to not seek them out.  So they sit in boxes, taking up space that I should be using in better or more creative ways.  I have so many books that I'll likely never read.  I have gobs of cookbooks (I love to cook) that I'll likely never use.  I hold onto old text books that haven't done me any good.  I have duplicates and triplicates of books that I thought I'd lost or didn't own, just to find out that I had a copy all along.  Books everywhere.

My clothing isn't any better.  I see things for the right price that I can't live without, so I buy them.  I don't even wear half of the stuff that I just "have to have."  It just takes up space.  The shoe situation is less severe than it used to be, but it still needs help as well.  I work five days a week baking bread and running the lunch shift in a restaurant.  I wear jeans and a t-shirt at my job.  When I get off, I tend to dress comfortably.  I'm similarly fashion-lazy on Saturdays, and I dress nicely on Sundays.  So why do I have all of these clothes that never get worn?

The makeup situation is also bad.  It doesn't take up much space, but there's far too much of it for what I actually wear.  I'm just as makeup-lazy as I am fashion-lazy.  Outside of nail polish, I wear any other sort of makeup two days a week, tops.  But there's so much.  And I always want to buy it. :(  At least I can try to justify having so much nail polish, though that is also getting completely out of hand.

I've decided to make some moves to change this bad hoarding habit, though.

Do you see this?  This is almost all of the clothing from my closet.  I still have a few dresses, some shirts, and a coat hanging in my closet.  The pile of clothing on my floor right now is at least three feet tall.  I dumped out my closet earlier today so that I could go through my entire wardrobe very critically and only keep the clothing that I wear.  I already have one friend lined up to come over and shop my room once I have the pile very critically sorted out.

I plan to do the same chop job with my book collection, makeup...  Maybe by the time I get to my polish, I'll have slimmed my life down enough that I won't feel the need to get rid of a lot of them.  I have doubts about that, though.

I want to be able to live a more simple life.  I can't do that if I'm weighed down with all of this extra baggage.


  1. I am like this too! I have so much junk I don't use/need. It's interesting you posted this because I have been on a huge cleaning out kick lately too. More power to ya!

  2. Good luck to you as well!!

    I really hate to clean, but sometimes it's just necessary. And when it's necessary, it feels pretty good. I've been doing a really good job of moving things out that I don't wear anymore, and I'm lucky enough to have a friend my size that's interested in (hopefully!) taking a lot of what I just don't need.