Thursday, October 7, 2010



I seriously squealed and did a dance in the aisle.  I quickly collected Edyta, Shawn, and Kelly from the display (the Wicked and Wonderful collections), because those were most certainly on my wish list.  I'll probably go back for more, but I'm satisfied with these for now.

Holy cow!  My first MAC polish and my first Zoya polishes, all in the same month?  Swoooooon. <3

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!  Now that I have a few Zoyas to play with, one may become an extra prize when I get more followers. :) :) :)  Invite your friends!


  1. That is SO exciting! I would probably do the same thing if I found Zoya at my local Ulta!!

  2. My Ulta had Zoya too! My jaw dropped when I saw the display tucked away on a shelf. I snagged Julieann and Cheryl for myself, they're so gorgeous.

  3. My Ulta had Zoya Wonderful and Wicked and an odd assortment of Barielles too located at the bottom of thr main China Glaze display. I wonder if they sell well if Ulta will expand the amount of colors they offer.

  4. haha, how awesome!!! i need to go to my Ulta to check!!

  5. Brit: I hope that they show up for you! The display I found was so small and on the bottom shelf of where they keep their small seasonal displays that don't fit in with the "big brands" (OPI, China Glaze, Orly, and Chi, for my store). I was so thrilled!!

    Astoria: When I had Shawn, Kelly, and Edyta in my hands, I was the happiest girl in the world. But now that I'm looking at other swatches from these collections, I know I'm going back! Those two were definitely on my list of the others I'd really like!

    Peri: The only Barielle polishes that my Ulta has gotten so far are this Fall's collection. The... Argyle something collection? It's a lot of browns and a mustard, and none of them really appealed to me, so I didn't bite (even though I'm dying to try out Barielle). When I head back to snag more Zoya polishes, I'll look harder for some stragglers. I had the boy with me this time, though, and I didn't want him to suffer too much. ;) I do hope that they'll continue to bring in the new polishes, though! I'm all about buying new things!

    Katrina: Yes, you should check! I'm trying to keep from buying so much, and stopping by while we were in the neighborhood was just a whim. Very glad that I did. I hope you find them at your Ulta!