Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nubar - Wildlife

Wildlife is absolutely beautiful, but don't listen to me.  I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Click it if you don't believe me!  This polish may as well have just applied itself.  I was expecting several sheer coats, but this was two coats and done.  I don't usually gravitate toward duochromes, but how could I resist this one?  I love green, and the pink in the polish is exquisite.  Light, coppery pink with the mossy green flash underneath.

This picture isn't the greatest, but it gives a good idea of the green in the polish.

Look at that gorgeous flash in the bottle!  I'm smitten with this color.

When I excitedly pulled out my haul to show Brad yesterday, and I asked him to help me pick one, he dismissed this one quickly.  I was a little curious, but I didn't question it.  While I was painting up this afternoon, though, I had to ask.

His answer?

"It looks like roast beef."

Hahahaha!!  Y'know, like when deli-sliced roast beef gets that weird coppery-green sheen?  Never fear, though!  That color is really alright.  You can read about it here!!

What I thought about when I saw Wildlife, though, is my best friend.  Pink and green always make me think about Stephie, because we both like those colors.  Sometimes we even shoot each other random texts when we see colors that remind us of the other.

Totally cool gal, right?  Darn right she is!  The sombrero proves it!

She's been going through some rough things lately, and I don't always feel like I can make her feel better.  But even when I can't always seem to say the right things, she still hangs in there with me.  Without a doubt, Steph's the strongest person I know.  Even when bad things happen, she still thinks of others first.  She's always smiling, always encouraging.  Creative, excitable, hilarious...  This gal's fantastic!

I've been incredibly blessed these last six years to have her as my best friend! :)

She recently started up a blog where she writes about everyday experiences, punctuated with really fun pictures that she draws!  You should check out her blog, Reverse Sensibility!

The Mysteriously Multiplying Bad Fairy Giveaway ends in less than twenty-four hours!  Get your last minute entries in, and keep your wish lists handy!

So what'd you think about Wildlife?  Are you digging the sombrero?  Did you check out Reverse Sensibility yet?!


  1. this is really cool! I love the sombrero!

  2. haha, love the sombrero, too :)
    what a beautiful polish! I don't have any Nubars yet :(