Monday, October 18, 2010

Love & Beauty - Currant and a giveaway update!

I did some tallying on the number of people entered in my giveaway and the number of actual entries that will choose between.  Twenty-seven people are entered, with 65 entries total.  There's a lot of good chances for winning, people! :D

Remember to keep your wish lists handy for your extra prize!

Now on to something I'm not really fond of.  Red polishes.  I don't understand it.  I love to wear bright, ultra shimmery reds.  I love to wear bold, jelly reds.  But when it comes to red creams?  I kind of just want to run and hide from them. :(

 Two coats of Love & Beauty's Currant.  Maybe I just feel too sexy wearing reds like these?  Smokin' hot, sexpot in red nail polish is NOT how I would describe myself AT ALL!  I really think this is a great color for Fall, and application was fine, it just felt too weird.

Also, lack of clean up?  Sorry.  I took pictures before I started work at 6:00 AM, and told myself I'd take pictures after as well.  But the polish didn't hold up through the rough day, so these were what I got.  Love & Beauty has a new bottle style, though!  I like this simplistic shape, and much prefer it to their old style

Love & Beauty polishes can be found at Forever 21.  Not at all creatively named things, but for $2.80, they aren't bad polishes.  Definitely fun to pick up a couple with very little guilt involved while you're out shopping. :)

Any favorite Love & Beauty polishes out there?  I have a bunch of them, but I'm realizing that this is the first one I've really worn.


  1. I haven't tried any of these yet, but they have some really pretty colors. I really love this color on you!

  2. I have some Charlotte Russe polishes, but I've never gotten any from F21...I will have to check them out!