Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sally Hansen - Mystery Polish SOLVED!!

So I was at Meijer today, doing that cosmetic aisle stalking thing that I do, and I came across something... rather odd.


Excuse the sloppiness, as usual.  But seriously.  What is this?!  It was in a gift pack, rather than the normal display, but it's not a new polish...

No label...  And if I remember correctly from my teen experiences with Sally Hansen polishes, the white cap signifies that it's an older polish.

No label on the bottom, either.  I've never known Sally Hansen polishes to have a bottom label, but it was worth a check.  The bar code is covered because it was part of a holiday gift pack with some lip inflation products.

Look at all the sparkle~!!! :D

This polish is tiny holographic glitter suspended in a sheer gray base.  To get the opacity on my nails, I needed four coats.  I didn't have application issues with it, though, and with a sheer base like this, four thin coats dries quickly and doesn't feel excessive.  I absolutely LOVE the pencil graphite gray, though.  And as if that wasn't good enough, they stuffed it full of itsy glitters.  If this were a flawless two coater, I would be in POLISH HEAVEN!!! :D

Krisinphilly (more readily known as the author of My Lucid Bubble!) informed me that it's called Night Lights.  Thanks, K!

Also, while I was out today, I ran across the new Wet n Wild Megalast holiday collection.  After seeing some pictures, I hadn't expected much, but I was more disappointed than I thought when I saw that...

...they've gotten smaller still!!!  For being a cheap polish, I really enjoy the Megalast collection.  Originality-wise, it's not much to write home about, but the colors are color accurate, reliable, and overall just a pretty decent investment, as far as drugstore polishes go.  But really?  SMALLER?  (0.30 fl. oz. to 0.22 fl. oz.)  For the same price?  Lame.  The store that I was at had a color for every reindeer but Vixen.  The majority of this holiday collection are very unoriginal, in my opinion.  The one pictured is the only one I'm hesitantly considering to buy.


  1. That looks like Sally Hansen Night Lights.

  2. that bottle is very tiny... but I love the nameless Sally Hansen!

  3. Krisinphilly, IT IS!!! Thanks to your suggestion and a closeup picture of Night Lights' bottle over at The Unknown Beauty Blogger (, I found out that the name isn't on the top or the bottom... It's in tiny tiny letters on the side!

    Thank you! :D

  4. holy &^(*&@#(*!! that is one pretty holo polish! haha

  5. Night Lights is awesome, great find!!!