Friday, October 22, 2010

Awww! :D

I had a pretty horrible day at work today.  Usually I can leave my problems at the store, dumping them in the coat closet after I punch out.  The compounding stress of being so busy and having so many things go wrong made that impossible, though.  I took all of my frustration with me, and couldn't seem to turn it off.

Really, though, is there anything that an afternoon with your amazing boyfriend can't fix?  Well, if there do happen to be stubborn little problems, a little Ben & Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream will do the trick. :)  After some tight hugs, a hot shower, and some delicious seasonal ice cream, I was right as rain.  I'm only hoping that tomorrow will go more smoothly than today.

When I got online, I found that Sombrero Stephie had doodled me up a quick picture all Reverse Sensibility style before she headed in to work herself.  It definitely made me smile, so I had to share it!!

What a doll! :D

I should have a nail post for you tomorrow, as well as a picture of my last box of goodies from Nicole at Magic Maid!  I used two of the polishes I got from her to create the look I'm wearing for tomorrow.  I can't stop staring at my hands! :D


  1. Cupcakes are the best thing evah!

  2. aw, i feel the same way! last week i went through the same bs at work. haha but im glad your bf made you feel better :)